Premium Caramel Sauce & Caramel Candy

Our Story... 

More than forty years ago, my grandmother discovered a unique recipe for homemade caramels from scratch. As a small child, my mother learned this recipe and passed it on again to me when I was a girl—and now we make caramel flavors my grandmother never imagined. Some things have changed, the most important things have not...the sugar is sweet, the butter is rich, and the cream is as fresh as ever.

Here at Sugared, we believe less is more.  Our guiding principle is, "If Great Grandma didn't use it, neither do we."  Though there are two exceptions to this rule (coconut palm nectar and vegan butter) we believe the most premium ingredients make the most premium products.

Everyone should be able to eat something we make. That is why we created our dairy free caramel candy and dairy free caramel sauce as well as our naturally sugar-free caramel candy.  Whatever your dietary needs, we have just the sweet treat for you!  If you like homemade caramel sauce, and don't like messes you're in the right place.  From our traditional caramel like Great Grandma used to make to our non-traditional flavors that Great Grandma didn't make, we know you will love what ever you choose.

Our caramel and candy collection is quite extensive, however if there is anything else you need we are more than willing to accommodate.  Call, text, or email us your ideas and we will make it happen for you.